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Healing Skincare with Neem

Neem is truly a “pharmacy tree”. Neem oil is one of the favorite medicinal oils used in Ayurveda. Neem is unique in that it has antiviral, antibacterial, and also antimicrobial benefits. The Neem tree is sometimes called the "toothbrush tree" because neem has many dental applications. In the past, a twig was removed from the tree and chewed to form bristles, making a natural toothbrush. Neem, added to toothpaste formulas, is very healing to the gums. Neem oil is great at repelling mosquitoes!

The healing properties of Neem have been used for centuries in India as part of a herbal beauty tradition. A bath with a decoction of Neem leaves keeps skin supple and healthy. Face packs with Neem leaf powder offer emollient and anti-aging action. The antiseptic properties of Neem leaf extract help in controlling acne. Neem helps to heal the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, rashes, wrinkles, dry skin and even dandruff. Topical application of Neem is known to act as a powerful antiaging ingredient. Because Neem has a rather strong scent, it is preferable to combine it with other more fragrant oils to enjoy the benefits!

Neem oil is used in a number of SUNDĂRI products that have a very pleasing scent and are popular around the world. View SUNDĂRI skincare products with Neem on our website using the navigation bar above.


Wellness Notes

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