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Winter is Vata Season

The Vata dosha is the most important of the three Doshas. If Vata becomes imbalanced for long enough and sufficiently enough, it can also cause the other two Doshas (Pitta and/or Kapha) to become imbalanced. In the northern hemisphere, during the months of November through February when the air is cold and dry, it is Vata season. During this time we all are likely to feel a little more spacey, and anxious than usual.

To balance Vata, eat warm, cooked foods. Stay out of the wind, meditate, and perform a warm oil self-massage (abyhanga) every morning. The cold air is harsh on the skin. Use an oil to keep skin protected and prevent dryness. Our hands are often most exposed and they become dry and rough. SUNDĂRI hand oils are a great way to care for the hands. Vata types will want to keep their sensitive ears covered when outside. Sip warm water or herbal tea, especially ginger tea, which is warming and helps with digestion, throughout the day.

Stay well!


Wellness Notes

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