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Losing Weight in the New Year

With the New Year comes at least the thought of making all sorts of strong resolutions to do better in so many ways. We may look at doing more in our community or improving our practice of yoga. But for many, the task of losing the few extra pounds gained over the holidays or even the tens of extra pounds gained over the years is high on the list.

Ayurveda teaches that how we gain and lose weight depends on our own particular dosha blend, the subtle energy balance of our body. Vata body type is fine boned with light musculature and fine drier skin. If you have a more Vata body, you generally do not put on weight easily. Your metabolism runs high and so extra calories are burned off by your need to be on the move and in sheer nervous energy. Pounds may accumulate during periods of high stress when your energy crashes but are easily lost when circumstances get easier.

Pitta body type has medium bones and naturally athletic looking with sensitive skin that tends to be more shiny oily than dry. For the Pitta body type, your digestion is strong and exercise is natural to you. If you gain weight, you have the natural discipline to keep your weight in the normal range as you really like and need to look and feel good.

Kapha body type is larger boned and delightfully curvaceous with heavy skin that ages beautifully. It is the Kapha body type that gains weight most easily and has the hardest time losing the extra pounds. If you do not lose weight unless you exercise vigorously then you can be assured you have a strong Kapha dosha.

Of course anyone can gain weight and we all can lose it if we put our minds to it. One way is find a form of exercise that works for you.

Stay well.


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