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Exercise for Different Body Types

Anyone can gain weight and we all can lose it if we put our minds to it. One way is to find a form of exercise that works for you. Here again Ayurveda has some insights.

VATA – your fine frame and naturally weaker connective tissues means you need to temper your mind’s natural inclination to “push it”. When it comes to exercise, be satisfied to build strength and stamina gradually. The key words here are calm, slow, steady, grounded, strengthening and consistent. Restorative yoga, sitting poses, sun salutation, standing poses, inverted postures, spinal twists and deep rest are recommended. Tai chi, walking, biking and ball room dancing are great choices too. Learn to waltz through life and just have an occasional tango.

PITTA – your strong physique and love of the outdoors makes hiking and mountain biking a natural choice. Just remember the sunscreen and a lot of water! Swimming is also a great choice as is rowing or any form of water sport. With your naturally warm body, snow sports are both balancing and fun. The key here is to get a great workout without over heating so hot yoga will have to be a short lived thrill for you. Watch words are cooling, relaxing, surrendering, forgiving, and being gentle to yourself. Flow style yoga has the challenge and intensity that appeals. Try moon salutation, shoulder stands and forward bends. Remember to take time to cool out too after any exercise and laugh a lot.

KAPHA – your graceful body was but for comfort not for speed. Keeping it moving is key. Walk that dog, climb those stairs, join a gym and work out with a buddy. Find some sort of exercise that makes you happy too. If your plus size makes you shy among the yoga divas, take private classes until you feel more secure in your abilities. Yoga is for everyone not just the size 0-4’s! Being devotional by nature, you might enjoy an ashram type setting or yoga retreat. Reflect on what is stimulating, moving, warming, lightening, energizing and releasing for you. So jump into those poses and get your deeper energy moving with pranayama.

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Stay well.


Wellness Notes

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