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Sustaining Energy through the Day

One of the beauties of Ayurveda is that is that it teaches we are all unique and we are all beautiful in our own ways. We all know one diet does not work for every one nor do the same set meal times. Knowing if you are more Vata, Pitta or Kapha will help you know when as well as what to eat to be your best at work.

Do eat breakfast even if your appetite is not completely awake. You have a high metabolism that needs fuel to keep your energy popping. It does not have to be a huge meal, just a little nutritious something. Complex carbohydrate and good quality protein are important. You might find you need a good snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Try to find a place to sit quietly at lunch and focus on your food rather than you work.

Probably you wake up hungry so by all means have a good breakfast. If you have to miss it, do take a snack or your mood will be off the rails by lunch time. Avoid business lunches. It is really hard for you to think or be pleasant when you are hungry. You don’t often snack but keep a handle on the coffee/caffeine habit especially when you are on a deadline.

It is fine if you miss breakfast. Maybe a juice or a piece of fruit would be fine. Try and have your biggest meal at lunch time. You have a slower metabolism so eating midday gives your body time to digest before you rest. Keep those snacks healthy as you are the most likely to put on extra pounds with a more sedentary life style.

Stay well.


Wellness Notes

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