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Massage for the Mouth

Tongue cleaning is not that uncommon and cleaning tools are available at most health food stores these days but the technique of mouth massage is much less well known. It is called GANDUSHA and involves washing the mouth with Sesame or Sunflower oil. It is sometimes called oil pulling as you will feel a pull on your salivary ducts as you swish the oil around your mouth.

First thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, take 1 tablespoon (˝ oz) of either Sesame or Sunflower oil. Put the oil in your mouth, tilt your chin up and slowly swish, suck, chomp and pull it through the teeth. Do this for at least 10 minutes. Surprisingly quickly, the oil will start to thin out because saliva is constantly being mixed in and swished about. You want the oil to be a thin, white foam when you finally spit it out. If it's still yellow and feels oily, you haven't done it long enough so swish longer next time.

• Make sure you do it on an empty stomach meaning 4 hours after eating and 1 hour after drinking
• Don’t be surprised if your jaw and saliva ducts almost hurt a little at first. The oil is pulling all types of toxins out through the salivary glands
• Keeping your chin tilted up makes sure the oil gets to the back molars
• Be sure to spit it out when your mouth is full and rinse your mouth well
• Follow by drinking 2 - 3 glasses of water

• Strengthening the teeth, gums, and jaw
• Improving voice by giving it a depth of quality
• Fuller face, less wrinkles
• Clears skin
• Eases dry throat and cracked lips

Stay well.


Wellness Notes

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