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Travel and Dosha

Summer often means travel. Be it for business or pleasure, from an Ayurvedic point of view we all travel. Only a lucky few are able to walk to work or walk our children to school these days. Most errands demand some type of vehicle and a distance of a few miles. So we are all travelers because a traditional Ayurvedic doctor would say that even the daily commute or the running of errands disrupts our subtle energy. If you find that hard to believe just bring to mind now much more settled, rested and focused you feel if you just stay home and have a quiet day.

Of course, some of us travel more than others. Some of us travel further, faster or more frequently. It follows then that the more travelling you do, the more upset your subtle energy fields become. In Ayurveda this disruption is called an increase in the subtle energy called Vata dosha. Travel increases everyone’s Vata dosha. You may experience increased Vata as jetlag, difficulty sleeping, uncomfortable gas, irregular elimination, patches of extra dry skin, tiredness, mind fog, hyper alertness, or experience feeling not quite being present or even feeling an absolute genius in a speedy sort of way. All these symptoms are considered manifestations of Vata dosha being increased and disrupted.

Why does travel bother some of us more than others? Ayurveda would say that depends on how Vata you have before you travel. Now would be a good time to check with our online dosha analysis questionnaire at http://www.sundari.com/philosophy/dosha_test_form.asp
Check which dosha is stronger for you most of the time, Vata, Pitta or Kapha then imagine….
• If your Vata is strongest think of yourself as a beautiful dancing balloon.
• If you are more Pitta think of yourself as the attractive flame on a glowing candle.
• If your Kapha rules than imagine yourself as wonderfully smooth piece of quartz stone that shimmers with rainbows.
Holding those images in your mind, start taking your balloon, flame or rock self on a journey and you will quickly understand the recommendations that the classic Ayurvedic texts give to make travel the joy and adventure it should be.

Stay well.


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