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Ayurvedic Aromas

Aromatherapy is an important tool in Ayurveda, for maintaining wellness and for healing. It can be used to protect prana, regulate digestion and metabolism, and to boost immunity. Aromas have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body.

There are lots of ways that aromatherapy can be implemented. Burning SUNDĂRI scented candles during meditation is one way. We can also add rose petals or basil leaves into our bath water.

Essential oils make it easier to use aromatherapy. The vapor of essential oils stimulates our olfactory nerve, which goes directly to the brain. The olfactory nerve stimulates the limbic system, which connects to the areas of the brain that process emotions, desires, appetites and memories. It also stimulates the endocrine glands, which regulate hormone levels. We can use a diffuser, or an aroma locket, or an aromatic candle to produce aromas in our environment. Essential oils can also be used in massage, in the bath, and in our skin and hair care products.

All SUNDĂRI products use only natural essential oils for scent and do not contain any synthetic fragrance. The use of these natural oils creates a distinct sensory experience that distinguishes our formulations. The expertise behind blending these oils makes each of these facial oils best suited for their respective dosha –
• Vata - Essential Oil for Dry Skin
• Pitta - Essential Oil for Normal / Combination Skin
• Kapha - Essential Oil for Oily Skin

Stay well.


Wellness Notes

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