A league of their own

The term "supermodel" belongs to them: six glamazons who hung out together, watched one another's back, and won first-name, goddess status in the 1990s.

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SUNDĂRI's Commitment Gift Set helps refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body during the holiday season. The set includes Neem and Blood Orange Body Lotion, a votive-size candle, and Neem and Manuka Body Cleanser.


La sabiduría de la filosofía Ayurveda transladada al ámbito de la cosmética para lograr el equilibrio entre mente, cuerpo y espíritu

Beauty Brief: INDIA

Sourced from a fast growing tree, neem has been used for centuries as a remedy due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Sundări Neem Eye Cream helps reduce dark circles and puffiness with a nice, clean scent.

Firm and Fab: Sundări Gotu Kola Firming Body Envelopment

Ancient herb Gotu Kola, which is known to have firming and draining properties on the skin is at the heart of this 90-minute treatment.

Fashion, Travel

Maldives - The archipelago was a luminous setting for the season's neons. The luxurious Coco Spa is a haven of tranquility set above the water with fabulous views. You can choose from a wide selection of treatments using Christy Turlington's Sundări range.

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A feathery-light blend of zesty mandarin orange and avocado oils and squalene nourish your lips while energizing your spirit.

The Comeback

Based on Ayurvedic principles, Sundări is an anti-aging line that was originally co-developed by Christy Turlington. Nighttime Nourishing Oil, a mix of precious oils (Neroli, Lavender and Eucalyptus), works miracles on tired skin.

Secret ingredient: Tamanu

As skincare ingredients go, tamanu oil - still relatively under the radar in the US - is something of a stealth hero. Why it works: The particular combination of fatty acids plus anti-inflammatories repairs, calms, and generally feels fantastic.


Sundări Chamomile Eye Oil - Perfect for banishing sagging, puffy eyes, this lightweight, all natural miracle oil hydrates, moisturises and softens. Whether it's young, undamaged skin in need of daily protection or more mature, tired skin in need of nurturing and replenishment, this oil is suitable for all.

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