Most Luxurious Treatment

Best Day Spa of Detroit: Om Spa.
Most Luxurious Treatment: Sund„ri Nirvana Body Wrap and Scrub, a six-step massage with oils and lotions.

Feed your face

If one more person tells us about the benefit of Omega-3's...Yes, there's more news. Omega -3 essential fatty acids have mositurizing benefits for the skin.

Nightly news

Just before bedtime is the best time to maximize your skin's moisture and boost its anti-aging potential.

Mooie vrouw

Sund„ri betekent 'mooie vrouw' - innerlijk en uiterlijk - in Sanskriet. Die holistische gedachte zit verwerkt in de producten; organisch geteelde ingrediŽnten, natuurlijke essentiŽle oliŽn en mooie verpakkingen.

Las Texturas

Intenso - Exfoliante Corporal


Lociůn Equilibrante De Neem Y Aguacate

Oils for sexier, shinier hair

These new treatments deliver super-intense doses of moisture, boost overall sheen, protect against color fading, restore elasticity, and generally improve texture and health - no matter what your hair type

Secret Ingredient: Kukui Nut

As moisturizers go, Kukui, also known as Candlenut Ė harvested from silvery green trees that grow wild all over the tropics Ė is pretty much unbeatable

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