Beauty Fix by Nature

Fruity Goodness
SUNDARI body/corps
Healing - Neem and Blood Orange Body Lotion
For all skin types

Beauty finds!

Cure the summertime blues

Oils - for oily skin

Counterintuitive as it may sound, these treatments - at home or in the salon - really work to get rid of breakouts.

The healing power of Lemon

A longtime beauty basic that often appears in beauty products in th form of an extract or oil, Lemon offers an abundance of benefits like controlling excess oil, reducing the appearance of dark spots on the skin and freshening breath.

Top 6: Body

Top 6 body products

California Rustic

Warm, organic elements like wood and stone help channel your moment of Zen

Body Milk

SUNDARI, started by supermodel Christy Turlington has a new body lotion

Secret Ingredient

Mattifying Gel- You will be amazed: A pea-size amount under foundation really gets rid of shine.

Ancient beauty wisdom that will make you gorgeous!

Pitta beauty tips - Try Essential Oil for Normal/Combination Skin

Green Goddess

Featured Spa - Splash Spa in the Sports Club/LA

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